GROUP FITNESS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS – (All classes are approximately 50 minutes long.)


Bootcamp– Join us for an intense workout. Your instructor will take you through various conditioning exercises, cardio workouts and drills….when weather permits expect to spend time outside so please be on time. Great workout, lots of variety!

Body Works-This class combines the use of resistance tubing, small workout balls, exercises using the STEP as a prop and your own body weight to firm, shape, and tone your body; a great compliment to your cardio and stretching routines.

Barre- Barre will help you build and strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength and posture and give your body a lean and toned look. Unlike yoga and Pilates, barre incorporates aerobics into each workout to strengthen your cardiovascular system and help you burn loads of calories.


Step Training – This class in an awesome cardiovascular workout using THE STEP by REEBOK. Participants step up and down on the height adjustable bench to fun choreography….it keeps you busy and moving…how could a workout be this much FUN! Cardio segment is followed by conditioning and/or abdominal work and a cool down. All levels welcome…work at your own pace.

Body Conditioning – This is a total body conditioning class lead by a staff Trainer. Members can expect direct resistance training with weights and body weight functional exercises to tone and firm the entire body. Basically a small group personal training class.


Fusion– A combination of Fitness Yoga and Basic Pilates with some traditional toning exercises. This class is a great core and flexibility workout. Easy on the joints and energizing!

Pilates– This class uses specific exercises and breath work developed by Joseph Pilates to increase core strength, change muscle length, rebalance and relax the body. Mats are provided. For sanitary purposes personal yoga/sticky mats are recommended.


Gentle Yoga– This class offers a Yoga based format that relaxes, stretches and strengthens the body through the use of yoga postures. Yoga workouts help to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. This is a conservative class with an emphasis on safety. Great for beginners, all levels welcome. Mats are provided. For sanitary purposes personal yoga/sticky mats are recommended.

Flow Yoga- In this yoga class you will be linking poses with the flow of the breath, music, mantra and yoga  philosophy. You will move at a steady pace building heat, endurance, flexibility and strength and ultimately, inner stillness.  


Vinyasa Yoga– Power Yoga is an energizing, strength building form of yoga. The instructor leads you through yoga postures holding each pose for approximately 5 breathes…this class increases strength, balance, coordination and range of motion flexibility. You will leave class feeling physically and mentally challenged….and calm. Great mind, body connection. Please be on time for this class…it is very distracting to the group to arrive late.


Yoga– This traditional yoga class develops strength, flexibility and stamina using yoga postures. Meditation and relaxation finish off your session creating a sense of balance and well being. All levels welcome. Mats are provided. For sanitary purposes personal yoga/sticky mats are recommended. Please be on time for this class…it is very distracting to the group to arrive late.

Yin Yoga- Is based on the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin could be described as stable, immobile, feminine, passive, cold, and downward moving. Yang is understood to be changing, mobile, masculine, active, hot, and upward moving.

ZUMBA!- Join us for the latest in cardio fun! Unique and exciting Latin moves and rhythms help you to dance your way to a fitter you!


Elite Cycle– This indoor cycle class is a highly motivated and energetic class led by a cycling instructor. The cycles are specially designed to simulate the feel of the road – but without the bumps, obstacles and inclement weather. Enjoy a smooth ride that you can customize to be as challenging as you like. In each class you’ll climb hills, recover on straight-aways, and sprint down hills. Your endurance builds, your heart grows stronger, and you burn a ton of calories……all while you’re listening to great music and having fun. Bring a water bottle and a towel, you will need them!!! All fitness levels welcome. CLASS SIZE LIMITED-Only people who properly sign up at the desk will be guaranteed a bike.

Members and guests MUST scan card and sign in at desk for ALL classes. Members and guests MUST have entry ticket and present to instructor before class begins. Sign up for class begins one half hour before class begins and must be done in person at the front desk. Individuals can only sign themselves up for class, not others. Members and guests must arrive before class begins. Once class begins entry will not be allowed.  Each class has a maximum capacity number for the comfort and safety of our memebers….this is how we can track that. Classes are on a first come first serve basis.
Thank you!