Personal Trainers

Emily McFarland

Personal Training Director

With a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology with a minor in Psychology, Emily has worked with  a wide range of clients from weight loss to athletic performance. Emily is here to coach, motivate, and push you towards your goals.

Client Base: Anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change and get in great shape.

Style: Creating workout that are designed to coach, motivate, and push you towards your goals.

Kelly Moran


Seventeen years experience as a personal trainer. Four time NPC Amateur Bantam Weight Bodybuilding Champion.


Client Base: rapid weight loss, increased stamina and strength and muscular development

Style: I incorporate nutritional counseling along with training to maximize results. I also offer a unique spinning style for cardio

Sarah Byington


B.S. in Exercise Science, experience in sport specific training as well as weight loss. 


Client Base: Excited to help anyone who is ready to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.


Style: Incorporating all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from nutrition, mobility, cardiovascular health, and muscular strength to achieve a body that is healthy and happy. 

Joe Tobias


Certified through the International Sports Sciences Association. Eleven years experience in sports and fitness.


Client Base: general wellness, sports specific and overall health

Style: creating specialized workouts that are fun and versatile to fit clients specific goals.